ING Direct & The Iconic

Client: ING Direct

Challenge: Deliver a high value acquisition offer with a partner that could provide value and exposure

Prize Brokers: 

  • Initiated a mutually beneficial partnership between Australia’s leading online bank and fashion retailer to drive acquisition and revenue.

  • —Negotiated cost discounts, database/social exposure and co-marketing funds between partners to maximise results

Results: To date the partnership has delivered over 15,000 new Orange Everyday customers to ING Direct and over $3million in direct revenue to The Iconic.

Insurance Line & Hisense

Client: Insurance Line

Challenge: Find a technology partner who could deliver over 10,000 quality Android Tablets at a low cost per unit

Prize Brokers: 

  • Sourced an exclusive tablet for Insurance Line from Hisense Australia

  • Will deliver over 10,000 tablets in 3 months

  • Negotiated funding for sales incentives 

  • Developed and produced sales tools and briefing materials to engage Insurance Line stakeholders and sales force

  • Managed procurement, fulfillment and email/phone customer support to ensure seamless activation

Hyundai & Delta Airlines

Client: Innocean

Brand: Hyundai

Challenge: Hyundai were about to sell their millionth car in Australia and wanted to give away a million travel miles. They needed a partnership negotiated within 2 weeks in order to get the promotion to market in time. 

Prize Brokers: 

  • Negotiated a partnership with Delta Airlines within a week that provided this incredible prize in budget

  • Managed logo and image approvals between partners as well as winner management and prize delivery